Deep Sea & Salmon Fishing

Our Chicago fishing charters have been designed for the most discerning fisherman. Whether you’re looking for trout or salmon fishing in Chicago, High Octane can help you find the right place, and provide the right experience and high-tech gear to make it happen.

Our boat is equipped with state of the art communications, global positioning, radar, loran, and sonar to improve your odds of landing the big ones. With over 40 years of experience, our captain and crew will help guide you to the best location to improve your chances of a better catch.

Deep sea fishing — or sport fishing — requires a water depth of 30 meters or more, and usually results in a higher chance of catching larger fish. While traditionally done on the ocean, deep sea fishing is possible in specific areas of Lake Michigan.



Salmon and trout are fun to catch and offer a great fight for whoever’s reeling them in! Usually running in schools, they can be caught using artificial lures like spoons and a trolling motor. Lines are usually set at different depths to maximize the chance of hooking one of these fighting fish. In addition to being challenging to land, trout and salmon are beautifully colored and are arguably the best-tasting fish available in Lake Michigan!